5 Tips When Buying Or Selling A House In Jamaica From Overseas

  1. Retain an experienced and competent Attorney-at-Law to protect your investment and represent your interest.

2. Obtain a TaxPayer Registration Number (TRN).

3. Determine your means of financing and, if applicable, obtain pre approval for preferred mortgage provider.

4. Know what you are buying- obtain a title search, land survey and valuation to confirm the parameters and value of the property as well as determining whether there are claims or conflicting interests registered against the property.

5. Receive a statement of account prior to signing the agreement for sale to avoid escalating and additional cost.

At The Law Offices of Pearnel P. Charles II we specialize in providing legal services for individuals residing overseas. Most of our clients reside in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada and they rely on us to be their trusted partner in Jamaica because we understand their unique needs and expectations.

Contact us now to discuss how we can protect your investments and represent your interest.

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